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Established in 1998 our beginnings were quite humble producing simple but accurate 1:43 models ( which was a standard at that time ) but some two years later we introduced a line of classic 1:43 scale models ( Jaguar, Bristol etc. ) with more detail and photo-etched parts and mouldings which proved to be very collectable and popular amongst collectors. We use to work with a team of 2 - 4 members, depending upon workload and type of project. After all we managed to acquire a great deal of experience in modelmaking and production and soon many collegues in the field found us to start working for them too. In the year 2008 came a major breakthrough in development when we introduced a 3D CAD/CAM system for development, 3D printing and milling of master-patterns. Though models made before that were accurate enough, with the CAD/CAM system we can develop quicker and more accurate with less adjustments in the final production process. Of course we realize that this is to the benefit of customers/collectors as well. Our 1:43 models are accurate, made of resin, white-metal, nickel-plated parts, aluminum, plastic windows, decals, photo-etch and nylon rubber tires. Our models come in a transparent showcase packed in a cardboard box. Models are wholly Made in Europe and in general we only produce 100 off models worldwide.

When you would like to order a model please contact us and we will reply as quick as possible. Our models are no mass produced goods so we strongly believe in a personal contact with all our customers to achieve the best results. We wish you a very nice day and we will be happy to answer all your enquiries.

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